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Hi there, I'm Matthew! 

I help entrepreneurs build clear, confident, and cohesive brands

Go from stuck to streamlined with my 4D Framework


Good things happen when you invest in your brand.

Branding is all about connection.

It’s the bridge between you and your ideal audience. Building a cohesive brand empowers you to confidently lead your business and your team, attract new clients, and reignite your passion. Talk about a win-win-win.


Signs your branding could be better:

You feel like your business has a visual identity crisis.

😒 Your messaging is all over the place.

😒 Potential new clients are passing you by—which doesn't feel so good.

😒 You’re doing all of the creative heavy lifting, when you’d rather be helping clients.

😒 Your brand’s look and feel don’t reflect the industry rock star you truly are.

😒 You know your brand lacks that wow factor—but you have no idea how to get it.

😒 Your materials are nowhere near as professional and engaging as you are.

If you said, “That’s me” to any of the above...

Don’t settle for a second longer.

Your business deserves so much more. And so do you!

Good branding is like the best birthday present—ever.

When your brand reflects the heart of your business, it will:

✅ Declare you—in words and images—as the true expert you are

✅ Help you feel like you truly own your practice

Give you the confidence to raise your rates and earn more

Simplify and streamline your future marketing decisions

Save you time and money going forward, because branding is a gift that keeps on giving!

Chart your course forward

Whether your business is brand new or you want to uplevel your identity, you can make your marketing sing with one of my signature services.

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1:1 Coaching

Drive your business forward with monthly branding mentorship

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VIP Experience

Tackle your most pressing brand-related challenge in a few hours

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Craft an authentic brand at your own pace with Demystify Design™



Monthly coaching

Conquer the branding obstacles that put your business development on pause. It's like having a creative director in your back pocket—only cheaper and way more comfortable.



VIP experience

See what a difference a single day makes. This immersive coaching service will solve your biggest business challenges in a matter of hours.



Demystify Design™

Learn at your own pace, in your own space. My upcoming virtual courses will empower you to unleash your creative potential through strategy, design, and imagination—helping you craft a business you're truly proud of.


So, why trust me?

Designer. Producer. Marketer.
From ad agency and in-house to running my own full-service branding studio, I learned a thing or two about creating effective visual identities.

This inspired me to develop a framework that’ll help you:

  • Stop overthinking design and stay focused on your branding journey
  • Craft a DIY visual identity that feels fresh and aligns with your values
  • Arm yourself with a proven process to consistently create with confidence and ease 
  • Create cohesive content over and over (and over again)

Enjoy the brand you deserve

You've got an amazing business.

Now’s the time to create a brand that captures your brilliance and shares it with the world.

You’re too good to ‘fake it ‘til you make it.’ And a simpler solution is possible. Let’s start building a brand that’s authentically, wonderfully you. 

Don't take my word for it.

Real success stories from really happy clients

Nicole's smiling headshot
Bret S.

Influencer & Business Coach

"Before Matthew, my branding lacked focus—l was all over the place, flying solo with no plan in place. Now, my marketing feels cohesive and strategic. It feels so good to have a creative partner I can work with every month. Investing in myself like this has changed my entire life and business!" 

Photo of Casey painting
Tanya C.

Leadership Coach (MBA)

"Partnering with Matthew has enhanced my confidence! He really listened and helped me to get unstuck. I finally feel energized about all the value I offer my clients.  My advice? Work with Matthew! He’ll help you translate your brand into beautiful elements so you can stand out from the crowd and confidently attract new clients.”

Nicole's smiling headshot
Nichole L.

Spiritual Coach

"Matthew took the confusion in my head and helped create clarity, consistency, and connection—everything I felt was missing! Matthew helped me come back home to myself: who I am, what inspires me, and what I desire my clients to feel, see, and believe when they engage with me. I am grateful beyond words!"

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