Hey there,
I'm Matthew!

I help coaches discover and design their dream brand so they can do more of what they love—and in turn, do more good in the world. I'm glad you're here.

Hey there,
I'm Matthew!

I help coaches discover and design their dream brand so they can do more of what they love—and in turn, do more good in the world. I'm glad you're here.

Growing up

I took part in every art class or creative summer camp I could find. I always had a paintbrush close by, a sketchbook in my hand, and an idea in my heart. I’d beg my parents to take me to AC Moore so I could buy craft supplies and paint—which always ended up on our kitchen walls (sorry, Mum and Dad!). And I was always producing off-off-OFF-Broadway style productions in our living room for my family every Thursday night.

To say I was a creative kid is an understatement.

Fast forward 20+ years

I now oversee Good Brand Partners, a full-service brand strategy and graphic design studio based in Salem, Massachusetts.

We’re a good-hearted team of makers and shakers who love to combine strategy with story—from logo design and copywriting to marketing collateral, websites, and whatever our clients dream up. Click here to see some of our recent work.


I dove into the coaching world,

and *love* the energy and passion it’s ignited within me. (My parents always thought I'd become a teacher, ha).  

Don’t get me wrong: I adore managing a design studio. But nothing inspires me more than my one-on-one coaching sessions—

  • taking deep dives into branding’s foundational elements,
  • discovering the sweet spot between strategy and storytelling,
  • and teaching others how to craft content that aligns with their values.

Helping clients hone their brand voice. Uncovering what exactly makes their USPs unique. Building easy-to-follow brand architecture. I love doing all that and more. And I’d be honored and thrilled to help you, too.


Ready for more hyphens?

Before opening the studio, I worked agency-side, in-house, and freelance as a designer–turned commercial photo producer–turned corporate sales guru for live entertainment. I’ve produced commercial print/video campaigns for brands like Airbnb, Pottery Barn, Fila Hong Kong, Keds, Alex & Ani, Staples, Boston Medical Center, and Town & Country—featuring talent like Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (then-actress Meghan Markle), Marvel's Chris Evans, Taylor Swift, and the Kennedys.

I proudly hold a bachelor’s degree in communication/advertising from Suffolk University, where I graduated summa cum laude.

I’m a member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), Rising Tide Society, and a certified HoneyBook Pro Expert in design. 

I've seen branding from all angles, and now I'm here to help move your business forward.

Fast Facts. 

Branding is a personal business, so here’s a bit more about me:

I’m a total Disney, Pixar, and Marvel nerd.

I take my grande iced coffee with 2 pumps of caramel and a splash of oat milk.

I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue—total party trick, for sure.

Oranges have always freaked me out, lol.

My favorite country to visit is Switzerland. Portugal is a close second.

I don’t get scared when I hear the words, "It can't be done." I get inspired.

In a parallel universe, I'm a veterinarian.

I love to binge-watch a good mystery or mini-series, discover fun recipes on Instagram Reels (yes, I 100% made that feta pasta dish), and relax on Boston’s North Shore with my fiancé and our adorable rescue pup, Eve.

Gratitude is my attitude.
No one does it alone.

The following list represents a mere handful of folks who helped me and my business get to where it is today. It’s with deep pride that I thank them for their inspiration, support, and contributions. Some I know personally, while others, I’m simply galvanized by their work. I hope we do you proud.

My clients and studentsfor their enthusiasm.

Paula Borsettibecause art teachers change lives.

Michele Doucette, for giving me a chance.

Debbie Millman, who proved design matters.

Chipp Kidd, for bringing out the kid in all of us.

Prof. Joanna Cendrowski, who encouraged my love of branding.

Dr. Susan Westcott Alessandri who affirmed that branding is my business.

Alina Wheeler, who wrote the brand bible.

Gail Andersonfor your trailblazing theatrical designs.

Walt Disneyfor the dream.

Jen Sincero, for the badass tips.

Dallas Traverswho helps me do less more often.

Kristen Marescalchi & Megan Sudakwho inspired my love of business.

Amanda Beard Garciafor your art-filled heart.

Bret Shuford, my accountability buddy.

Marty Neumeierfor letting me steal his ideas.

Glo Atanmowho educates through graphics.

Bob Igerfor the leadership lessons.

My family and friends
for whom I do everything.

My fiancé, who is everything.

Eve, our dog, who rescued us both.

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